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Garden City Project

The Garden City project was born with the idea of ​​exploring the aromatic richness of Brazilian biodiversity.

By designing and constructing large scale mobile distilleries, which are still presently unique, we were able to address  many of the fantastic biodiversity resources in various parts of the country, as it has been  always easier to move along factories than to move away agricultural products.

Side by side with the extraction “expeditions”, we also conducted a long term screening  project  for identifying Brazilian plants with high aromatic potential. That study´s  major findings  were published in our first book : Essential Oils in Food, Cosmetics and Health. Years later we published a second book, specifically dedicated to the qualities and secrets the Brazilian cherry : Magical Pitanga Cherry, the most Brazilian of all fruits.

Garden City farm also presents  a “real life botanic garden”, where all key native forest species are identified, located and registered.

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